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After being spoiled with a beautiful warm sunny winter we are finally getting a blast of winter in February! Snow, rain and MUD, just like Missouri. I guess that’s why they say if you don’t like the weather here just wait a minute, it’ll change. Our Grandsons finally get some snow to play in so we have to love it. Our home building plans are put on hold until the weather warms up a bit. It has given me time to think about our future new house and the garden I can hardly wait to plant this spring! I have some great ideas for planters I found on our property, I will get them ready and take pictures of them soon. I am really excited about getting them started.

Micheal has hit the drawing board, again, this time changing the roof line of our house, thankfully for the better. I don’t always like his ideas but this time he has a winner. I have to say he has improved the roof of our house to my liking. I want it to look like a barn, yes a barn. When he was finished I was very impressed with what he has come up with. With my floor plan and his building plans, by George I think we have it! We are going to live in a barn and yes, I want the door to be wide open.

Heart Rock Wendy Fransisco

Photo Credit Wendy Francisco

Our financial situation just seems to keep getting worse, “things” just keep on happening for the worse, we keep saying,”What else can happen to us?”  Micheal is about to lose his job now, the company is downsizing and moving out of Springfield where he works, after 26 years.  We still have each other and that is all we need but a job is nice to have too.  I sure hope my garden idea works, I may be selling vegetables, so keep your fingers crossed on that one for me would ya!

Winter has finally happened!


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We’ve found this little restaurant in the middle of nowhere on Hwy. 64 past Bennett Springs called Circle J’s, its also a campground. They have the best biscuits & gravy for breakfast so we stop and eat every once in a while. It looks like it’s been there for many years but it’s a clean little place and I get such a kick out of the waiter. I am sure he owns it because he is so friendly and most likely the best waiter we have ever had. His name is Alex and I am not sure how else I would describe him other than saying he reminds me of a “Wood Hippy”. No offense Alex if you ever read this, I find him very charming and unique and I highly recommend his restaurant. It is one of the things about living out here that I love so much, the people the simplicity, it is just so refreshing.

Each time we drive out to the new place we feel more like we’re coming home.  Being in the middle of all of the oak trees in the quiet feels so right to both me and Micheal, we always loved living in the woods and now temporarily being right on a highway next to a train track, I cant tell you how many times I have opened the door to let the dogs out in my underwear not thinking of all the cars driving by! Old habits are hard to break.

Lob Cabin

My very own little house in the big woods

The outside is almost done and we are moving on to the inside to install the electrical wiring and plumbing, finish the walls and of course add my “toys”, (they are my favorite part). This dilapidated old shed has turned out better than either of us ever expected. It looks like a little log cabin, I love it! Too bad we didn’t put a toilet in here, I think I could have lived in it. Then again… we are in the woods.

My Little Cabin in the Woods

My Little Cabin in the Woods

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